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We provides various types of vehicle tracking services like Real Time Tracking, Administration, Alerts and Notifications, Remote Data Management, Fleet Status Dashboard, Reporting, Messaging, History and many more.....

Real Time Tracking

Real-time tracking on map along with graphical reports helps provide our customers with detailed vehicle information to improve business operations.

Fleet Status Dashboard

Fleet status dashboard is a single view solution for our clients to view overall status of complete fleet.


Tracking Adityavts is equipped with robust administrative features to helps our customers easily manage various features and information's.


With Tracking adityavts our client can easily reach their employees/drivers through voice calls or SMS.

Alerts and Notifications

Tracking Adityavts auto sends alerts and messages when anything goes wrong or something happens which is worth bringing to notice.


Tracking adityavts regularly records the history of all the vehicles. Tracking adityavts helps to replay or see all the historical activities of a particular vehicle or entire fleet.

Application Areas

  • School transport Tracking
  • Professional transport Tracking
  • Travel and Tour Operators Tracking
  • Government Municipal transport Tracking

  • Police Department Tracking
  • Industrial transport Tracking
  • Defense Services Tracking
  • Personal & Cars Tracking

About Us

Adityavts vehicle tracking unit equipped with state of the art GPS receiver provides reliable and accurate tracking and navigation data.

An unit when installed gives data to vehicle owners or third parties to track its location whilst in truck, car, ship container or any machinery which is moving.


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